The benefits of purchasing a vehicle direct from Japan are great. Following is a list of the main benefits:
Quality and Price
Vehicles from Japan are generally less expensive and higher quality when compared to vehicles from other countries. This seems impossible until you take a look at why.
You will find Japanese vehicles have lower kilometers, cleaner bodies, are maintained better, and are in better overall condition.
Japanese specifications on many models is higher then the world market versions of these vehicles. You can often find higher power, lighter weight, stiffer suspension, and more optional equipment.
Japan has a large selection of vehicles from its domestic market, plus vehicles from all over the world. You likely will find rare vehicles here. Japan has also been on the forefront of vehicle emission standards for many years. Japanese vehicles are very efficient for their power. If economy is what you want, Japan has a class of mini vehicles with small 660cc engines, perfect for getting around town and even for most highways.