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Dimitriy Milyutin
Vehicle imported to Vancouver BC, Canada
1993 Pajero LWB 2.8 Turbodiesel 

Comment about vehicle inspection
Your description is professional and very detailed and I never had such before. Pics are good too!
Still cannot believe how lucky we are! It surely rare find!
All we need is to ship-receive it safely.
Testimony once vehicle was landed
I am really happy that have ordered Pajero from Derek Weldon, owner of Pacific Auto Imports based in Japan.
From the very beginning Derek asked me questions to create precise profile of my dream truck.
Then the search had begun. He showed several decent trucks but due to various circumstances, I was not ready to buy and one day he found one I was not able to refuse. It was 1993 LWB 2.8L turbo diesel Mitsubishi Pajero with intercooler! It was rare to find 16.000 km on the clock. 5A auction grade. I was ready to pay more but Derek managed got this truck for less because of his smart auction strategy. Derek sent me more than hundred pictures and detailed description and prepared truck for shipping. When the Pajero arrived needless to say, it was exactly in the same condition as Derek described. This is pretty rare. This is my fifth import from Japan and I ALWAYS I got NOT exactly what I paid for...Another thing I'd like to mention is a paper work. It was top notch, even custom officer here (pretty old grand mom) told me "if I could post your documents set as a sample, how importation papers are supposed to be done". I am sure it is a higher mark of Derek's professionalism recognition by Canadian authority. I know for sure that my next import from Japan I'll do with Derek. Highly recommended by proud 5A grade Pajero owner.

Dave Robling

Vehicle imported to Nanaimo BC, Canada

1993 Porsche 968

Comment about vehicle inspection
I really appreciate all the detail, its certainly comforting to see exactly what I'm getting.  You did a great job with the pictures too.

Testimony once vehicle was landed

I very much appreciated the help and advice you gave me during the purchase on my 968.  Your insight into the Japanese auction system was vital in giving me the confidence to go forward with my decision and set me up for a successful importation of the car.  The car is fantastic and I am very impressed by the quality of vehicles available for import from Japan.  There is no way I could have gone through this process by myself without major challenges.  The fee you charge is minor compared with the value your services offer.  Thanks again, when I do decide to bring another car in from Japan, I will be contacting you.
P.S. I will have photos of my car sometime soon and will send them along when I do.  Thanks again

James Potts

Vehicle imported to Kelowna BC, Canada
Various - 1994 Legacy, 1995 Golf GT, 1995 Hilux Surf

Testimony for the first vehicle purchased
Having an aging and failing 1991 Toyota Soarer already I was looking for an affordable replacement car that would address the Soarers shortcomings without sacrificing it's comfort and performance. With Pacific Coast Auto Imports assistance and unbiased advice I decided on a 1994 Subaru Legacy GT. Once a car that met Pacific Coast’s high standards came up for bidding I was notified and given a recommended price range to place a bid in, which was far more affordable than I had expected! From that point onwards Derek was prompt and attentive in status updates on the car, and notifying me of what steps and forms and payments I needed to make in the meantime. All in all, It took 8-10 weeks from placing the bid to having domestic registration completed and enjoying my new car which arrived in better than advertised condition. The final cost of the whole process was cheaper than the cost of parts and labor my Soarer would have needed to be back up to 100%, and it's 70,000 k's newer with cargo room, AWD, and only half a second slower in 0-100 acceleration! I received detailed billing information all the way along and know that every dollar spent went to a legitimate expense, no exaggerated costs or profit markups! If you don't mind the anticipation of waiting, filling out 3 or 4 forms and faxing them off, and saving a significant amount of money versus buying a JDM car brought in and registered by the 'other guys' with a showroom floor and sales staff, Pacific Coast Auto Imports will help you find the car of your dreams.

James Schnerch
Vehicle imported to Whitby BC, Canada
1995 Nissan Skyline GTR

Testimony once the vehicle landed
Hey Derek, I just wanted to thanks you again for all of your hard work on getting me the GTR. The car is stunning, and is getting lots of attention. I had an appraisal done today, and the guy said this car was the best one he has seen, and recommended to me to sell it for $33,000. I was shocked. The actual appraisal value he gave the car was $27,500. I think I have insurance figured out, I'm doing a 19A policy for special interest vehicles. The policy is less than $500 dollars per year, so you can guess how happy I was when I heard this news.
I just wanted to take a few minutes to tell you how much I appreciated your service and patience with the entire transaction, and to tell you how much I enjoyed your touge blog you published. Japan is a very beautiful country and would love to get a chance to see it in person one day. Anyway, I hope all is well with you and your family and I wish you all the best, Thanks again.

Rodrigo Pineda
Imported to Hamilton ON, Canada
1995 Subaru Imprez WRX Ver2

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Thanks for the comments guys. Much appreciated. As for my exporter for those who don't know yet it's Pacific Coast Auto This would not have been possible with out Derek's hard work and patience with me. He has helped me out every step of the way. I almost feel like it's as much his car as it is mine. He helped me research quite a bit to find the exact look I wanted. I think I'm almost there.
The car surprised me I thought it looked nice from pictures but when it rolled off the truck my jaw dropped, it's gorgeous. Wheels look a lot bigger in person to. I'm having a pro shoot done so I will have some nice pictures in a bit. Gotta thank Derek again for making it possible.


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