Subaru Impreza WRX model definitions JDM (GC8 GF8)

Subaru has made many variations of the Impreza but I will focus on only the WRX models. All WRX models came with the twin turbo 2.0 EJ20 motor.
This is the standard WRX and is known to have slightly more power than the world market WRX.
Type – RA
This is a model sold as a base vehicle for racing. It was stripped in options in order to save weight. It is unclear what RA stands for but it may stand for Race Altered. You could get AC, electric windows, or radios as options. These cars came with a shorter ratio transmission. Many examples came with roof scoops standard.
This is the highly tuned WRX and is the most popular. Year by year is changed but it remained more powerful than the standard WRX. Other options such as water spray intercooler, larger intercooler, and more reliable engine internals.
STi Type RA / STi Type R
This was the stripped down version of the STi and included more power in some cases. There was a tuned transmission with Driver Controlled Center Differential (DCCD). This allowed the driver to lock all four wheels for rally driving. The interior had less sound deadening materials and the cabin was sparsely equipped. Type R is a 2 door version of the Type RA