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The Impreza WRX is the flagship sports sedan from Subaru which was made famous as the king of rally and WRC. The small light weight sedan or wagon matched with the very hot 2.0 twin turbo boxer engine made people smile right from the get go. Subaru’s symmetrical all wheel drive system was shown to the world and proved to people that all wheel drive was not just for trucks. People bought it like crazy, and people started making them faster. Today it is one on the most modern and technological vehicles for export from Japan
Whether you get the standard WRX or the STi, the Impreza doesn’t fail to please. The car is meant to be a performer so expect to have fun with the twisty mountain roads. The 4WD system will give you a nice exit speed and the power from the engine is quite high compared to the weight. This gives the Impreza good acceleration and braking. Of course the Impreza comes with 4 wheel disk brakes to help you slow down.
The Impreza is 10.5 cubic meters and is roughly the size of other sport compacts like the Lancer Evo, the Toyota Celica, and the Mitsubishi FTO. The Impreza is built to be light weight despite the 4 doors (on most models) and the 4WD drivetrain. Being a small car it has weight benefits for spirited driving, but can be a bit small for drivers over 6”2.
Unlike the North American EJ25 engine, the JDM Impreza GC8 comes with the 2.0 EJ20 engine. This is a high performance 2.0 turbo engine. Subaru has stated that this engine was not available to the North American market because the turbo manifold does not fit into a LHD vehicle. Power numbers vary based on age and model. Many STi Imprezas have hand built engines. The engine makes anywhere from 240 hp to 280 hp at 6500 rpm. This engine has become a popular engine to swap for boxer Volkswagens and kit cars.
The Imprezas overall have very good reliability. If kept well the car will last for a long time, well over 100,000 km. Since this car is a high performance vehicle, it may be likely that it was driven hard at some time. This may lower reliability some but as with any 10 year old car, giving it oil changes, replacing the timing belt, and changing fluids can go a long way. For the price it is amazing performance and worth the investment of upgrading.
The Impreza is a very commonly tuned car in Japan. Many vehicles may have already been tuned with things like intakes and exhausts. It is also popular to upgrade the turbos to twin scroll turbos. Some enthusiasts in Japan have added anti-lag to theirs as there are a select amount of units with the hardware installed already. The CPU varies a lot between models and so it is recommended that it not be tuned unless it is done professionally by a Subaru Expert, however, the state of tune for the CPU is already very high so further tuning may not have big results.


Whether you go for the WRX or the STI model you will enjoy the performance and handling of this true rally car. Best of all are the prices which are a very good deal right now. Please feel free to ask about up to the week prices.


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