Following is a simple outline of the process of buying a used vehicle through us:


1.You browse the auctions using our tool to see if what you’re looking for is out there, and if it is, how much it might run you.


2. Once you’re ready to move forward, you contact us and let us know you’d like to set up a purchasing account.


3.We’ll send you our terms of service, along with the information on how to send in your deposit.


4. Once we have those things, you’re free to request translations of the auction sheets, and place bids. You have to have received a translated auction sheet in order to place a bid.


5. We place the bid for you and notify you of the auction results. If you didn’t win, the search continues. If you did, we’ll prepare an invoice for you.


6. After we receive the vehicle from the auction, we’ll prepare a full report on it, in photo and video form.


7. We’ll arrange for shipping and will let you know the expected departure and arrival dates. All the paperwork necessary for importing will be sent to you.


8. If you’re using our broker (for customers in the USA or Canada), they’ll take care of the importing process, and can arrange to have the vehicle shipped from the port to you.



To find out more about how we operate, have a look at out our series of auction guide videos here -