Pacific Coast Auto incorporates a flat fee for all services involved in exporting used vehicles from Japan.


The service fee for exporting used cars is a flat fee of ¥100000 per vehicle. Please be careful to check what other exporters include in this cost. Not all companies are the same.

Auction bidding Included
Auction settlement costs Included
Transport of vehicle from the auction house to the port Extra (10,000 - 40,000 yen)
Couriering documents to customer Included
All Japanese taxes Included
Car storage at the port Included (Up to 30 days)
Vehicle handling fees (deregistration, recycling fees) Included
Translation of documents Included
Cost of sending money Included
Washing vehicle prior to sending Included
Shipping costs to your country Extra (Cost varies)
JAAI inspection if needed (New Zealand, Kenya) Extra (actual cost)
Customs clearance and taxes in your country Extra
Cost of compliance and registration in your country Extra

We guarantee that no charges will be marked up.

For peace of mind we offer full disclosure in our pricing.

Additional costs incur for vehicles over 1,000,000 yen. 


Following is an example of what our charges would be to Canada.

1993 Toyota Supra RZ ¥ 800000
Service fee ¥ 100000
Shipping ¥ 103000
Total ¥ 1003000

These are all the fees we will charge you for a standard transaction.


Costs to import into your country will vary. Please contact a customs broker in your country for further information.


In the event of a client's specialized request, a rare occurrence of other charges is possible. These are usually foreseeable, an the client will be informed before vehicle purchase.