If you are thinking about buying a car and need more information please see these pages.


Auction Sheet Sample / Translation
A translation of the auction sheet

The auction houses supply information sheets for each vehicle being sold. Click here for a translation of a standard sheet, and what it means.


Terms and Conditions
Legal information here.


Currency Echange Rates
A currency exchange calculator which is updated daily.


Car information Specs for car lovers
This is a list of information on some of our favorite vehicles.

We plan to include stats, comparisons with international models, and a write up done by us about the vehicle relating to the export market. We hope you enjoy this section as much as we do.


Bank information
View information on our bank for sending money


Customer documents
An explanation of the document you will receive when you import a vehicle direct from Japan.


Answers to your questions


Car Blog
Learn Information about the JDM car scene from an exporter's point of view. See pics from car shows and enjoy the atmospere of Japan.


Companies and information you might be interested in