Customers will recieve these documents

This is a list of all the documents you will receive once you purchase a vehicle from Pacific Coast Auto. These documents will be sent once the vehicle has boarded the ship, and you will receive them before the vehicle lands in your country. Some of these documents are necessary to import and register your vehicle.


Bill of Lading

This sheet is a customs document stating that the vehicle was exported properly and legally. It is required to be presented when clearing customs in your country. Please be very careful not to lose this document.


Pacific Coast Auto Invoice

This is presented to customs in your country for import tax calculation. It details the vehicle price, shipping cost, and our service fee.


Export  Certificate

This document provides technical information about your car and offers proof that the vehicle was legally exported. This is needed for registering your vehicle in most countries.


English translation of Cancellation of Registration certificate

This is an English translation of the above document.


Auction Invoice

This is a copy of the invoice given to us stating the purchase price of your vehicle and the date of the auction. This is for your reference only and is not needed for the importation process.


Auction Sheet

This is the auction house’s inspection of the vehicle for your records. The auction house does not warranty this information once the vehicle has left Japan. This is for your reference only and is not needed for the importation process.


Translation of Auction Sheet

This is a copy of the English auction sheet you used to choose your vehicle.


Copy of our receipts for shipping and vehicle auction purchase.

You will receive a copy of the receipts given to us for purchasing the vehicle a auction and shipping it to you. It is important that we show you this information honestly and without hiding anything. You will be confident that we aren't marking up any costs.