Export to Canada

Canada is an emerging market for Japanese used vehicles and has seen steady increase in volume in the past few years.


Vehicles are shipped by either Roll on Roll off (RoRo), or by container.


The main, and least expensive form of shipping to Canada is RoRo. Ships leave once per month from Yokohama and arrive in New Westminster (Vancouver) aproximately 17 days after. Recent changes in shipping schedules have nearly eliminated long wait times to Canada.


The cost of shipping to Canada is $80USD / M3.

There is also a nominal fee of ¥14,000.


The vehicle size in meters squared (M3) can be obtained by multiplying the length x width x height.


Here is an example.

1994 Supra RZ. l x w x h = 10.5M3

10.5 x 80 = $840

$840USD + ¥14,000 = total shipping cost.

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Storage at the port is free for up to 30 days. Please inquire if you need the vehicle stored for longer. We have access to a limited number of long term lots and can offer them to you at an extra cost.


This represents the typical cost of shipping. For vehicles over 14 M3 or shipped by container please inquire.