Auction Information

Auction Information

When choosing a vehicle to purchase you will be supplied with information sheets from the auction. Pacific Coast will translate these sheets and present them to you for evaluation.


Auction sheets are filled out by licensed evaluators. This evaluation has the purpose of finding any imperfections that the seller does not mention.


This includes:

  • Body damage
  • Wear of the interior
  • Mechanical problems
  • Equipment
  • True age of vehicle


The report also looks for hidden issues such as:

  • Flood damage
  • Odometer rollback
  • Accident damage
  • Heavy modification (engine swap)
  • Panel repair


The auction sheet is an unbiased source of information about the vehicle. Some sources claim that auction sheets are misleading or intentionally incorrect. This is false. There are many competing auction houses and what separates them is the accuracy of their auction sheets. It is in their best interest to be honest. Occasionally the evaluator will miss something in their report. This is why we double check each vehicle with our own company prior to shipping the vehicle.


Following is an example of an auction sheet. Please note that auction sheets are supplied after you have submitted an Inquiry, and after a deposit of ¥100000 has been paid.

Auction sheet sampleAuction sheet sample


How to Read an Auction Sheet

 This section explains how to read these sections of the auction sheet


Auction Grade


Vehicles are given an “Auction Grade” based on the combined information on the sheet. This will reflect the overall condition of the vehicle and more specifically the body condition.


5 Very good condition and requires no repairs. No body parts have been changed.
4.5 Has been repaired slightly and very well. It would become a grade-5 with slight repair. Might have a few slight scratches or dents.
4 Good overall condition, but there are a few scratches or dents.

Has some conspicuous scratches or dents. Might have repaired slight damage to a bumper.

3 Has many conspicuous scratches, dents, or some paint damage or fading.
2 Is in very bad condition.
1 A car that has been modified or rebuilt (not accident) and may include one or more of the following:
1. An aftermarket turbo

2. An automatic transmission converted to manual transmission
3. Flood damage

4. Roll cage
RA A car which has had minor accident damage and has been repaired. We do not purchase these vehicles unless requested to.
R A car which has had accident damage, and been repaired. We do not purchase these vehicles unless requested to.
*** A car which has had accident damage, and has NOT been repaired yet. Or a car with an engine that does not work with major engine trouble. We do not deal in damaged or wrecked cars.



Note that the mileage on the auction sheet is considered to be correct unless otherwise noted. Notes will be next to the mileage on the auction sheet

Star (*)
The mileage on the gauge is not matching the mileage of the vehicle. Usually this is because the gauge set was swapped out and there is no history paper to prove when.  

Dollar sign ($)
The mileage on the odometer is not accurate, but ther seller has a history paper from a dealer that shows when the gauges were swapped. Note that the auciton still doesn't guarantee that the mileage is accurate because the car might have had the gauges swappeed more than once. 

Pound sign (#)
The odometer on the car is broken and stopped counting mileage at an unknonw time. 




This is a rating of the interior of the vehicle. The interior condition may fall into one of five categories. The Assessor's Report section goes into further detail as to which issue is apparent.



Repairs are unnecessary.
The vehicle has one, some, or all of the following conditions :
1) A few very minor tears, cigarette burn marks, and/or minor stains.
2) No major parts are missing.


Repairs may be unnecessary.
The vehicle has some, or all of the following conditions :
1) Minor tears, cigarette burn marks, minor worn patches, and/or remaining open screw holes.
2) The dashboard is slightly warped.
3) The interior is slightly dirty.


Minor repairs are necessary.
The vehicle has some, or all of the following conditions :
1) Tears, cigarette burn marks, worn patches, visible open screw holes, dashboard warping, and/or dashboard has some small tears.

2) The interior is dirty and needs to be cleaned.


Repairs are necessary.
The vehicle has some, or all of the following conditions :
1) Several cigarette burn marks in the interior.
2) Dashboard has a major warp.
3) The interior is dirty and needs to be cleaned. Some dirty patches will remain.


Major repairs are necessary.
The vehicle has some, or all of the following conditions :
1) The dashboard has major tears.
2) The interior is very dirty and has some major tears. The interior is flattened.
3) The interior has a bad smell


Original Manufacturer’s Equipment.


In this box you will find a list of all the options this vehicle was equipped with when originally purchased. These will be abbreviated. Here is a list explaining these abbreviations.


PS  Power steering
SR Sun Roof
PW Power Windows
Original Alloy Wheels
Navi Navigation (Likely will not work outside of Japan)
TV    Television
Leather Seats

Any equipment not listed here may be included. Please see the Sales point, or the Notes sections.




This box displays the transmission of the car.


AT Automatic Transmission
Column Shift Automatic Transmission
CVT Continuously Variable Transmission
Manual Transmission 5 Speed
F6 Manual Transmission 6 Speed


Air Conditioning


This box shows what style of Air conditioning is Equiped on the vehicle.


AC Standard Air Conditioning
AAC Automatic Air Conditioning or Climate Control




This section displays what body damage or replaced panels the vehicle has as well as where they are located


A1 Scrape - Fist size
A2 Scrape - Two Palms
A3 Scrape - Anything over two palms
E1 Barely Visible Dent - One
E2 Barely Visible Dent - A few
E3 Barely Visible Dent - Some
U1 or B1 Dent - Thumb sized
U2 or B2 Dent - Palm sized
U3 or B2 Dent - Anthing over palm sized
Y1 Rip / Tear / Crack - Thumb Sized
Y2 Rip / Tear / Crack - Palm Sized
Y3 Rip / Tear / Crack - Anything over palm sized
W1 Repaired Panel - Repaired well, not noticable
W2 Repaired Panel - Repaired well but a slight wave in the panel or paint
W3 Repaired Panel - Repaired slightly, has a conspicuous wave
P1 Paint fade - slightly lightere colour paint (might buff out)
P2 Paint fade - Lighter coloured paint, won't buff out
P3 Paint fade - very conspicuous would need repainting
S1 Rust - Fist sized
S2 Rust - Bigger than fist sized
C1 Major Rust - Panels would need replacing, Frame may need repair.
XX Panel or window replaced
X Panel or window in need of replacing

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