Japan auction search

Pacific Coast Auto is proud to present our Auction vehicle database and search tool. Search through all the vehicles Japan has to offer each week with a simple and easy to use interface.


Free Auction Access to 150 auctions across Japan



Pick your own vehicles
View every vehicle as is passes through auction anywhere in Japan. Search whenever you want and for as long as you want. The control is in your hands.


Original auction sheets
You have access to view any vehicle's auction sheet. See any body marks, mileage, options, and more before you request more info.


Auction sheet translations
E-mail the URL of the auction listing for a translation of the auction sheet. All translations are free and unlimited.


View price information and average costs
Check the sales price of previous sales and average from the last 3 months. Narrow the search further by auction grade.


Updated quickly
Auction listings are updates within hours of the original listing at the auction house. You can view some vehicles up to three days in advance.


View model stats
Find out information about any vehicle, Euro, American, or Japanese. Learn what months models changed, power, torque, weight, size and more. Compare two or more models side by side.


Month of manufacture
Learn the month of manufacture of any Japanese vehicle from it's VIN number.

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The Japanese auction search tool is available for free to all buyers. Each user receives an account once payment of the deposit is accepted.