About us

As a Japanese used car exporter, we want our customers to be satisfied that we worked hard for them. Our philosophy is to provide simple, honest, and trustworthy service to gain a reputation that stands out. We have strict standards on the following criteria.
100% Inspected
We take pride in being one of the few exporters who visually inspect and fully examine 100% of the vehicles before we ship them to you. Any vehicles which are misrepresented on the auction sheet may be returned to the auction at no cost to you. We will only put our name to vehicles which match out strict standards of quality. You can expect accurate information to help you choose your car.
100% Communication
Communication is vital. The entire process of buying your car is done with care from an experienced native English speaker who knows about the market in Japan and Japanese cars. We leave no guessing in the translation.
100% Knowledge
We have very good knowledge of all vehicles, but Pacific Coast Auto also specializes in performance vehicles. If you are looking for a track car or a street tuned car we can choose cars that have been modified properly so you don’t have to redo it.
100% Care
We want to revolutionize the process of importing and exporting Japanese cars. We guarantee honesty and speed in the process. All original documents are sent to you with accurate odometer readings, correct sale prices, and no hidden markups or unknown charges. We promote full disclosure in our practices to show where your money is going. Full disclosure is what sets Pacific Coast Auto apart from the competition, and we guarantee it.
100% Inspiration
The reason we got into the business of exporting cars is simple: We are car lovers above anything else. This shows in our passion to help you every step of the way. We help the car community live their dreams.