Terms and Conditions

We charge a flat fee for each transaction of ¥100000 per vehicle sold regardless of the final vehicle price. This fee does not include shipping to your country. Any additional costs including but not limited to alternate shipping, vehicle maintenance, or JAAI inspections are rare and the client must agree to them before vehicle purchase.
The final cost of your vehicle will be the vehicle cost + flat fee + ocean fright to your country.
The buyer is responsible for costs once the vehicle arrives in its destination. These costs may be for inspections, vehicle modifications, taxes, or duties. Please visit your government webpage for more details.
Pacific Coast is not liable for importing regulations in your country. In the event that a vehicle is imported to your country illegally, Pacific Coast will not be held accountable. Personal vehicle import regulations change and you are required to know your laws.
Vehicle damage claims must be reported to Pacific Coast as soon as possible. You will be supplied with full pictures of the vehicle prior to boarding the vessel. In the event of a claim we will act on your behalf for remuneration. Please note that the deductible on damage is $300 in most cases so small claims are often thrown out.
We accept payment only by Telegraphic Transfer in Japanese Yen from a bank account or money sending agency. All costs of sending money are the client's responsibility.
Please make all deposits into this account.
Deposit fees of ¥100000 are non negotiable. Deposit fees must be held in order to view vehicles and bid. The full deposit amount is required for each vehicle being purchased concurrently. Deposit fees will be put towards the final price of your vehicle unless requested not to be. The deposit fee can be requested to be refunded at any time and there will be no penalty cost or money sending fee.
Payment in full is firmly required within 3 working days (72 hours) of a successful bid. Defaulting on the payment will result in loss of the deposit money. A receipt of money sent is required to be faxed or e-mailed to us.
Storage at the port is offered for free for the first 30 days. After 30 days we reserve the right to charge up to 450 yen per day. We do not offer free storage after 30 days.
We do not deal in wrecked cars, heavy machinery, or bikes.
Due to theft and fraud we do not put additional parts in our vehicles when sending by RORO.
Transactions are covered by international commerce laws and are legally binding and secure. Japan has strict laws regarding international commerce.